Mazda Familia GTR | Mazda 323 GT-R

Mazda's contribution to the Group A World Rally Championship in 1992 & 1993. This All Wheel Drive, 1.8L turbo, intercooled powerhouse is now a rare drive among a huge production rally spec car market globally.

There was only 2500 of these ever built, and those that did not get destroyed being raced, or have survived the abuse of modification and general driving over the last 13 years are now spread thinly around the globe, through many countries.

The Familia GTR is the elite of Mazda's 4WD turbo rally expolits. In many parts of the world, the normal non-turbo version is known as the Mazda 323. The lower spec turbo version is the Familia GTX which is the same in many respects as the Australian Ford KF Laser TX3 4WD Turbo. The GTR is a clear step above them all. In it's main year of manufacture, 1992, the Familia GTR was a similar specification to the original Subaru WRX STI, Mitsubishi EVO I and the Nissan Pulsar GTiR, with the only major difference being a 1.8L engine instead of a 2.0L.

There are many aspects of the Familia GTR that make it both exciting to drive and enjoyable to talk about. Visually it has a vastly unique exterior design to anything in Mazda's history, which is highlighted by the aggressive extended front spoiler to house the front mounted intercooler, and the triple bonnet vents. It is this which defines the look of a GTR. While the lower spec GTX version could have some body upgrades to appear like the real deal, there is also a plethora of differences under the bonnet which defines the real strength of the Familia GTR.

Within the expanding global growth of the rally style car market, there is now a cult following of the Familia GTR and GTX. This site is dedicated to the everlasting infatuation with the Familia GTR by its owners around the world. While I am focused on the GTR because I drive one, I welcome all GTX owners to this site, and would be happy to post reviews about your GTX, especially if your car has been modified toward a GTR spec. I love the GTR but fully respect all GTX's for the car that they are and they potential that they hold.

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